There is now a wide variety of Troy O’ Herlihy school wear available. Items include microfibre tracksuits , hoodies , varsity jackets , shorts , polo shirts, bags etc. These can be ordered from Celtic Creations , Belfast by phone or online ( under the school wear section. Below are some images of a selection of the items.


Varsity Jacket             image               Hoodie – Back and front (Zip hoodie)     image image

  Micro Fibre Track Suit (Jacket and legs)     Back of the micro fibre track suit top



Also available are class tee-shirts, vest tee-shirts, class shorts, bags, etc.



We have a class beginners skirt which can be worn at the first two levels at competition. These are to be worn with a black leotard top or long sleeved plain black top. Hairs to be in a neat bun.

These skirts can be ordered from Celtic Creations ( see link above) or Dance City in Limerick. (061 – 412777)




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